Turkey's Funnest Restaurant Is Located Inside An Airplane

Imagine this: you’re driving on the highway and you spot an airplane between apartment buildings. What a shock that must be, right?

The sight from highway.

The sight from highway.

advertising plane restaurant.jpg

This is actually a real scene in Turkey, where they refurbished a Boeing cargo into a restaurant. The whole concept is actually quite unique. You park the car, then enter the main restaurant, shaped like a terminal. If flying is not a biggie for you, heading outside on the runway is the best choice. At the end of it you will find a real airplane, ready to welcome you on board. Inside you can enjoy Tekirdag kofte. These are simple but extremely tasty meatballs, famous throughout the country.


The airplane took on a second life, when a Turkish entrepreneur decided to purchase it from a close-by airport. Transporting it was an adventure, as they had to divided into 3 parts and drive for 35 km. The restoration took 1.5 years and they tried to make everything identical to a plane experience. Even the cockpit is still intact and everybody can be a pilot, while the food is being cooked.

If you are coming with kids there are plenty activities to do. From petting the animals they have on site, to swinging or driving electrical tiny cars. On Sundays the place is packed with families enjoying their humongous Turkish breakfast. Have you ever tried it? That's an experience that every foodie should savour.

Yurdanurlar Ciftlik restaurant is located at 130 km from Istanbul, on the coast of Maramara Sea. I would recommend stopping by if you are on the way. The online reviews are mixed, some people were not satisfied with the staff, while others complained about food and prices. We had a great experience and were so hungry, that we enjoyed every delicious bite. I think it is worth stopping even just to grab a Turkish coffee, chill on the hammocks and take some pretty awesome pictures with the airplane. 

Enjoying the airplane view

What is your favourite foodie experience? Let me know in the comments section below. I would love to be inspired and maybe add some more locations to the bucket list.