The Magic of Sunsets on the Bosphorus

I am writing these thoughts while sitting on a ferry, going from Europe to Asia. In the back, there are people commuting from work, lovers taking selfies, tea sellers and there is a soft live music coming from inside. The Bosphorus divides Istanbul, vest from east or Asia from Europe. However, when I am on this ship I feel the greatest connection with the city. For a couple of minutes, I can just focus on the waves swinging me around, the seagulls playing with the wind and the sky changing its colors. So here's one for your bucket list: take a sunset ferry between two continents and share your food with the seagulls. If you're lucky, you might even spot some dolphins swimming in the Bosphorus.

Sunrise, Sunrise 

The busiest "street" in Istanbul

Cruising the Bosphorus will leave you speechless.

Cruising the Bosphorus will leave you speechless.

The Bosphorus was always one of the most popular areas of Istanbul for its inhabitants, especially during hot summer days. If you will take a cruise along its shores, you will observe Ottoman palaces, old wooden villas, fortresses and fine neighborhoods. I am always fascinated by the nostalgic wooden mansions and imagine the stories behind them. Years ago they were inhabited by poets and high ranking officers. Now they belong to the wealthy or inherited from generation to generation. Some of them are also the most expensive houses in the world.

Life can’t be all that bad,’ I’d think from time to time. ‘Whatever happens, I can always take a long walk along the Bosphorus.
— Orhan Pamuk, Istanbul: Memories and the City

Every Day Can End Beautifully

I think sunsets are magic: from cotton candy clouds to drama queen shades, each day ends in different colors.  There is a natural tendency to just stop and stare at a breathtaking sunset. I wish you can get caught in these beautiful moments and free your mind of future worries. 

Wish I were in Istanbul

Have you ever been to Istanbul? If you are planing to visit, drop me line and I will tell you where to find the best sunrise and sunset spots :)