Our Dream Honeymoon - French Riviera | Provence | Loire Valley

We wished for a romantic honeymoon, which would represent not only an all-inclusive seaside destination, but a real escape to another world. As a result, we chose a 3-week own designed tour in France with 3 major themes: French Riviera-for the ultimate relaxation, Provence-for its cultural and authentic atmosphere as well as picturesque villages and the Loire Valley-for our passion for history.

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Top Things to do in Cappadocia, Turkey

There is something about this unique place that keeps tourists coming in, sometimes booking a trip to Turkey solely to see Cappadocia. This fantasy land was formed over years of volcanic activity, which created the interesting caves, valleys and huge rock pillars. You have probably seen all the amazing sunrise images of colorful floating air-balloons, but the area has so much more to offer.

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The Magic of Sunsets on the Bosphorus

I think sunsets are magic: from cotton candy clouds to drama queen shades, each day ends in different colors.  There is a natural tendency to just stop and stare at a breathtaking sunset. I wish you can get caught in these beautiful moments and free your mind of future worries. 

Here's one for your bucket list: take a sunset ferry between two continents and share your food with seagulls. If you're lucky, you might even spot some dolphins swimming in the Bosphorus.

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