Winter Wonderland in Transylvania, Romania

I am not the biggest fan of winter, but there is something magical in that fresh, puffy snow that makes me want to go out and explore. So here I am, enjoying the beauty of a winter sunset in the mountains. At lunch time, when I noticed the thin strands of clouds in the sky (recently found out they are called cirrus clouds) I knew that a beautiful dramatic sunset was on its way. So I decided to head towards the Tihuta Pass that leads to a 1980's Dracula themed castle, which has one of the best views of the area. 

Tihuta Pass

Tihuta Pass, Transylvania

This high mountain road (1201 m), connects Transylvania to Moldova and is one of the most beautiful roads in Romania, due to its scenery and sharp curves. The weather conditions can change drastically in here during winter, making it a challenge to pass even for trucks.

Tihuta Pass, Bargau Mountains
Tihuta Pass, Bargau Mountains, Romania


(n) the sound of the wind whispering in the trees

Dracula Castle Entrance, Tihuta Pass, Bargau Mountains, Romania
Mountain Dog, Tihuta Pass, Romania
Winter Sunset in Transylvania, Romania
Sunset in Transylvania, Romania
Sunset in Transylvania, Romania
Winter Wonderland, Transylvania, Romania