Freezing moments - that’s the kind of superpower I want.
— shower thoughts

Hello, my name is Mihaela, 

but friends call me Miha, Mimi, Mihoş, Mika, Misha.


I’m a Transylvania native living the life of an expat in beautiful Istanbul, Turkey. I like to get things done in a simple and creative way. People give me energy, so I am learning more languages to never stop the conversation flow. Life is not too short to learn German. I always smile at dogs and babies. My eyes are glued to the monitor when it comes to online video tutorials. Chocolate lasts less than ten minutes in my hands. I *almost* cry when watching clever advertising and good Indian movies. I love drawing faces and photographing moments. My luggage is always prepared for a city break.

I hope this blog inspires you to explore new places. Feel free to leave a thought, suggestion or to follow me on social media.